I provide a series of 1 hour talks on specific topics for schools, clinics and workplaces, just call to discuss your requirements and area of interest.

1. Understanding Anxiety

How knowing its origins, seeing it from a different perspective and using the latest CBT tools and Mindfulness techniques can help to make a real difference. (see upcoming events)

2. Understanding Depression

What’s going on in the mind when it strikes – making sense of depressive thinking and its biases. Reviewing the latest approaches, tools and techniques which are proving to make a real difference and importantly helping to maintain mental health and well being.

3. 10 really useful things for you to know

There are many ideas from the world of psychotherapy and psychology which are relevant to each and every one of us. Here’s a whistle stop tour of what I think are the top 5. They are a combination of topics which will challenge your thinking, possibly enlighten you and maybe surprise you. They might even be useful!

Sometimes it’s very small changes which make the biggest differences in our lives!

Top 5 so far…..

1) Thoughts: When was the last time you really questioned your thoughts? Perhaps it’s about time you gave them some healthy disrespect…..!

2) Emotions: Maybe it’s time to begin to recognise all our emotions, even the ones we classify as negative and stop struggling to push them away….what would happen then?? You’d be surprised!

3) Rumination: Most of us believe that the more we think about something, the more we’re bound to solve it. What about not thinking of something to solve it?? Counter-intuitive??….let’s throw this idea around!

4) “We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are”. Now read this again! We all operate like this – a really interesting idea to understand.

5) Turning the Volume down. You know that negative voice in your head? Or do you? Has it become such a part of you that it’s enmeshed? What about turning it down a notch?