Mindfulness Courses



Mindfulness Meditation 8 Week Winter/Spring Course

Evening Course:  Wednesday, 29th January, 7.30pm – 8.30pm


Experience a wide variety of Mindfulness Meditations from the beginning with a small group.

You will receive a link (so you can use any device) with a range of guided meditations specifically tailored to introduce you gradually to the core meditations.

Comprehensive notes will be available covering the topics and themes of each class and as you learn with a group where are always opportunities to hear other peoples’ experiences and to discuss and reflect on your own practice experience. Importantly we will be looking at brief practices which can help you weave meditation into your life. We will also be exploring how you can  increase your capacity to simply be more mindful in life. Mindfulness Meditation is uniquely flexible and adaptable and I have no doubt that the course will offer you many ways to weave the principles and practices into your life.

What others have said about the course:
“Thank you for an excellent course and an introduction to mindfulness as a way of life….., since starting I feel calmer and more aware”
“It was exactly what I needed and wanted… I couldn’t be happier with my overall experience and satisfaction of the course”.
“A very good balance of formal practice of meditation and discussion”.
“This course has been a very encouraging time for me. It has given me hope that I could learn to manage my anxiety myself…”
“Excellent material to revisit after”


Venue :Naas Community Centre, McAuley Place

Cost €120 

Text/call for further information 085 1473483 and to reserve your place