Mindfulness Course



Monday evenings @ 7pm for 6 weeks 

Commencing: tbc ( please call to enquire)



This 6 week online Mindfulness Meditation course (using Zoom) will support your learning and understanding of meditation, its practice and the advantages of having a meditation practice as part of your life.

You will receive a link to download and keep 2 guided meditations per week. They are specifically tailored to introduce you to the core practices and concepts of Meditation over the 6 weeks. In this way, you will have the opportunity to practice during the week from the very beginning of the course. And when you finish you will have twelve 10 minute meditations at your disposal; well placed to support your on going practice.

We will be looking at  breath work practices also, introducing you to the idea of weaving brief breathing exercises into your day when time dedicated to formal meditation practice seems very difficult to come by. We will also be exploring how to increase your capacity generally to simply be more mindful in life with simple weekly challenges.

Mindfulness Meditation is uniquely flexible, adaptable and scientifically underpinned. and while this course is about learning to meditate, I am very keen that it will offer you many ways to weave the ideas, principles and practices into your own, unique life and make it work for you and your wellbeing.

What others have said about the course:
“Thank you for an excellent course and an introduction to mindfulness as a way of life….., since starting I feel calmer and more aware”
“It was exactly what I needed and wanted… I couldn’t be happier with my overall experience and satisfaction of the course”.
“This course has been a very encouraging time for me. It has given me hope that I could learn to manage my anxiety myself…”


Cost €70

(keeping pricing as low as possible to support wellbeing practices) 

Text/call for further information 085 1473483